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Crafting Comfort: Your HVAC Pioneers

In Auckland’s bustling heart, Air MC Ltd stands out as a young, spirited team of HVAC experts. Fueled by passion, we blend a century of collective know-how with fresh innovation to deliver top-tier air comfort solutions.

We prize clear communication and customer-centric service, ensuring every interaction is as refreshing as the climates we craft. We’re not just air conditioning specialists; we’re your partners in creating breathable, liveable spaces.

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We continuously expand our system in order to comply with local customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Why Air Mc?

Innovative Comfort

In a climate of change, we stay ahead, ensuring our HVAC solutions not only meet but exceed your comfort needs. Our expertise cools your summers and warms your winters with unparalleled efficiency.


Climate Excellence
We envision a world where comfort meets technology, seamlessly. Our goal is to integrate cutting-edge HVAC systems that enhance the quality of life while respecting our planet's resources.


Your Comfort, Our Craft
We don't just install systems; we tailor environments. Our dedication to your comfort drives us to deliver excellence in every vent, duct, and thermostat we touch.


Collaborative Precision
We believe in precision powered by partnership. Every project is a collaboration of expert minds and hands, working in unison to achieve the pinnacle of climate control perfection.


With 100yrs + combined of industry experience, you can rest assured AIRMC will offer a professional and efficient service.


Our customers can enjoy the convenience of a free quote on any new installs. We’re upfront and transparent about the costs associated with our services


Our qualified technicians can provide regular servicing in addition to warranty claims and repairs if required.


Have peace of mind knowing that all of our heat pump installation services come with a five-year warranty. Should anything go wrong, we’ll be there to rectify it.

Our History

Heritage of Excellence

Nurtured by a vision to excel and innovate in the HVAC industry, Air MC Ltd’s inception marked the rise of a new era in climate control solutions. Our commitment to quality and efficiency set new standards in residential and commercial comfort, establishing us as frontrunners from the start.

Our evolution is a testament to the adaptability and forward-thinking that define us. As we continue to grow, each breakthrough and service milestone reflects our unwavering dedication to creating environments where people thrive, securing our role as Auckland’s trusted HVAC specialists.

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Impressing our customers; That's why we do it.

Tom Fletcher


Rachel Hawkins


Shannon Parry

General Manager

Rethink the Standard

Innovate, don’t imitate—challenge the status quo for a superior climate solution.

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