Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted Heat Pump Systems

“The invisible heat pump”

Ducted heat pump systems are becoming an increasingly popular and affordable choice in New Zealand homes. They can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one, providing all year-round heating and cooling.

Consisting of a discreetly positioned outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit in your ceiling or under your floor, only the controller, the return air and supply grilles are visible inside your home. A ducted heat pump system delivers air into each room through vents located on your floor, wall or ceiling, you have the flexibility to chose your ceiling diffusers and grilles to match your home decor giving you that personal touch.

With you ducted heat pump system you have the option to add zone control, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to control the air flow in individual rooms in your home.

You also have the option of adding fresh air into the return side of your unit. This constantly draws the air through your system and distributes it through your supply grilles. It reduces condensation and with fresh air circulating around your home, it gives you the luxury of having the temperature you desire with exceptional air quality.

Running costs of your ducted heat pump system are amongst the lowest compared to other heating options.

Air Mc will work with you to create a custom designed, energy efficient ducted heat pump system to suit your home, needs and budget.

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