Heat Pumps

Want a warm house in winter and a cool house in summer?

Let Air Mc show you how to heat and air condition your home the right way

We can design, supply and install the right heat pump to suit your needs and budget

Single Room Heat Pumps

If you are wanting to heat or air condition a single room in your house, single room heat pumps are the best heat pump solution for you. 

Multi Room Heat Pumps

Using only one outdoor unit, multi-room systems give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the perfect indoor heat pump for each room without cluttering your home`s outdoor area.


Heat Pumps

Ducted systems are quiet, almost entirely hidden and provide an even temperature throughout your home. You also have the flexibility to choose shapes, sizes and colours of grilles to suit your decor. Ducted heat pumps can be installed with a fresh option allowing your home to be ventilated.