Want a warm house in winter and a cool house in summer? We can design, supply and install the right heat pump to suit your needs and budget.

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There’s no argument, bang for buck heat pumps are the most cost effective way to keep your home warm and cosy, but which one do you choose?

Let our team of experienced designers and installers help you. From high walls, floor mounts or cassettes for individual rooms through to whole house ducted systems and heating zone control we’ve got solutions to meet every need and budget.

From Mangawhai to Pukekohe, we’ll keep you comfy.


If you are wanting to heat or air condition a single room in your house, single room heat pumps are the best heat pump solution for you.

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Using only one outdoor unit, multi-room systems give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the perfect indoor heat pump for each room without cluttering your home`s outdoor area.

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Ducted systems are quiet, almost entirely hidden and provide an even temperature throughout your home. You also have the flexibility to choose shapes, sizes and colours of grilles to suit your decor. Ducted heat pumps can be installed with a fresh option allowing your home to be ventilated.

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  • High wall

    High Wall High wall Heat Pumps are New Zealand’s most popular solution to heating a single room. A high wall heat pump from Air Mc is a great all-rounder for heating and cooling a single room in your home. High wall heat pump mounts on the wall of the room you want to heat, close to the ceiling, and are connected via pipework and cables to an outside unit.

  • Cassette units

    For larger rooms, a cassette style heat pump is a great option. They mount through the ceiling in the center of the room and blow in 4 directions to provide excellent all round heating/cooling. Also, with the body of the unit inside the ceiling there’s added flexibility on outdoor unit location.

  • Zone Control

    If you’re installing a ducted heat pump consider an iZone comfort control system. From a touch screen LCD display or our iZone phone app its simple to control, set & monitor temperatures separately across every room in your house. iZone comfort control is the answer for energy efficiency and unrivalled temperature control. iZone Website

  • Floor Consoles

    Floor console units are designed to deliver the same room comfort as a high wall system with the opportunity for installation where High Wall Heat Pumps aren’t possible, or for more discreet heating. With their slimline design, our floor consoles are a great renovation option; fitting neatly into cavities left by the removal of fireplaces or night-store heaters.

  • Central Ducted

    Central Ducted Ducted Central Heating & Cooling systems are designed for ultimate all-year home comfort, creating an even and perfect temperature throughout every space of your home.

    By delivering heated or cooled air (often called conditioned air) circulated via a network of ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity, all Air Mc Ducted Central Heating Systems discreetly delivers powerful home heating and cooling without impeding on your interior design aesthetic.

    Central ducted systems have the added bonus of optional fresh air intake to keep your home dry.


Extremely happy with the service provided by these guys, especially Josh from sales, Emma from admin and Matt from install. Josh got in touch with me almost immediately and talked me through some of their product offerings, and recommended a Daikin unit that works for us, not the most expensive available unit. Great stuff, team! 👍