Heat Pump Maintenance & Service

Cars, planes, even people all run better and last longer if they’re looked after, your heat pump is no different.

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Heat pumps are just an appliance aren’t they? Why bother to get them maintained?
Here’s the main reasons we recommend having your heat pump regularly maintained by Air Mc.

  • Reduce Running Costs

    Heat pumps work by blowing air, the air they suck in contains dust for the indoor unit and leaves, grass, bugs, feathers etc on the outdoor unit. These things block up the filter and heat exchanger fins which reduces the air flow. The more airflow restriction the more your power bill goes up.

  • Your Health

    Heat pumps are a warm, damp environment, perfect for growing all sorts of nasties like mould and bacteria which are then blown around your room every time the heat pump is turned on. Regular maintenance can prevent mould and bacteria from getting a foot hold and will remove any deposits that have started.

  • Extend the System’s Life

    A dirty heat pump has to work harder to do its thing putting strain on moving parts and overheating electrical components – Keeping it clean keeps it running happily Leaves, dirt and debris can accumulate on, in and around your heat pump causing the steel panels and chassis to corrode – keeping the panels clean and the chassis clear of debris gives the unit its best chance of resisting rust

  • Reliability

    Struggling heat pumps tend to break down when the going gets tough, right when you need them the most in the height of summer or the depths of winter. Keeping your unit well maintained keeps the strain off it and helps us identify issues before they arise.

  • Water Leaks

    During the summer months your heat pump will be doing a fine job keep you cool, and as it cools it condenses water out of the air (especially on those sticky summer nights) and sends it off down the drain. Without regular maintenance the drain hose can get blocked which results in a big puddle on your floor in the morning.

  • Safety

    We all know the potential of electricity to start fires, by having your unit regularly checked helps us spot potential issues and keeps electrical connections clean and tight to prevent arcing.

The Solution!

Have your home heat pump system maintained once a year by our technicians to keep it clean, healthy and reliable. We can set you up in our planned maintenance calendar and let you know when its due. Contact our office today for a quote.


Machines break down, and when they do we know you want them back up and running as soon as possible. Air Mc are registered repair agents for most major brands and are Panasonics recommended repair agent in Auckland. Our band of trained technicians are readily available to make it happen. Can we fix it? Yes we can!


Extremely happy with the service provided by these guys, especially Josh from sales, Emma from admin and Matt from install. Josh got in touch with me almost immediately and talked me through some of their product offerings, and recommended a Daikin unit that works for us, not the most expensive available unit. Great stuff, team! 👍